DIVA999 are here to help gay and trans victims of domestic violence in the UK find the support, refuge and services they need, quickly & safely.





DIVA999 has a single client only policy providing immediate outreach, advocacy, floating support 24 hours and referrals into night shelters where we will fully support the sensitive needs of clients through the gender transition process. Our objectives are to work closely with each client referral on the basis of homelessness prevention alongside a resettlement programme.

DIVA999 LGBT Refuge Group wants to attract public and private funders even local entrepreneurs to invest in a multi tenure development by 2015.




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What is Domestic Violence?

Gay domestic violence exists. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse is defined as abusive behaviours by one or both partners in a relationship such as marriage, dating, family and friends. Domestic abuse is when a person asserts power and authority over someone. A victim meaning a person that is in a vulnerable state and cannot defend themselves or walk away easily. Victims can be in denial or in some cases ambivalent to know when they are experiencing domestic abuse, particularly as domestic abuse is stigmatised that it only happens between a man and a woman that ends up battered. This is a dispelled myth. Reports are rising from all sections of the community while social housing is harder to access, leaving people stuck in violence and poverty.