Does This Sound Familiar To You?

''He makes obsessive comments about my body image'' ''unwanted sex'' ‘’he hides my H.I.V. medication’’ ''The person is controlling my life'' ''they keep hurting my body and promise me it won't happen again'' ''use my money'' ''bully or intimidate me'' ''watch things I do'' '' constantly checking up on my whereabouts ringing me or texting me while I'm out with friends or at work'', ''im not allowed out' ''riffle through my stuff'' ''sets me tasks to do'' ''I am made to honour, obey, or face punishment'' ''she wants us to have sex with other people'' ''when I don't feel well, I am accused of faking it'' ''my family are always laughing and joking at me and I don't feel secure around them for fear of what they will say next'' ''My family tell me I deserve it because I am useless'' ''he keeps describing his fantasy woman'' ''he wants to see all my receipts'' ''nothing i say or do pleases her'' ''she says I'm boring'' ''he is always rushing me'' ''my family talk embarrassing things that are private about me in front of strangers'' ''If I disagree with something they get angry'' ''Deep down I am a kind sincere person yet my family say I am lazy and selfish and a waste of space'' ''I feel dysfunctional and a burden around my family but I have nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to that I trust'' ''I suspect or have been told I will never be my parents favourite child'' ''My parents ignore my struggles in my life but instead want to expose them because they say I am not normal'' ‘’I must get drunk to have a good time’’ ‘’if I snort cocaine my worries melt away’’ ‘’my partner cheats on me’’ ''If I try to communicate they way I am feeling my family or partner say I am overreacting, lying or not making sense'' ''I am afraid to declare things about myself, knowing if I do say anything, my family will disown me / my partner will leave me / plan to murder me due to their strict beliefs'' ''my partner tells me no one else will want me'' ''my partner or my family always complain at me even when I think I have done something right'' ''my partner or family tell me I do not clean to their standards and I must do it again'' ''many situations where my brother does not behave appropriately yet I am blamed'' ''I am bossed around to look after my family and have no time to study'' ''Everything is my fault'' ''My partner does not want me to go ahead with my gender reassignment'' ''I am grown up but my parents insist they must approve all my decisions'' ''my spouse gambles our money, takes out loans in my name and racks up debts'' ''My teenage children or adult daughter / son are in charge of what my benefit is spent on'' ''my carer stops me from choosing when I need to do something or want to go out somewhere'' ''my carer neglects me'' ''my carer speaks to me in a tone I do not like'' ''my carer told me to stop fussing when she handled me roughly'' ''My partner is the main income earner, he tells me not to worry he will pay for our holidays, mortgage and buy me gifts, my jobs is run the household keep fit and perform in the bedroom'' ''When I get home my wife gets mad and throws stuff at me'' ''When my friend invites me to come out on rare occasions, my family prefer me to stay behind and do housework, if I refuse they lock me out'' ''I am happy single but my family tell me if I don't marry I will put shame on the family legacy'' ''my mother is disrespectful towards me even though I am working and paying board, she knows I cannot afford to move out'' ''I am vulnerable and scared to say anything about my uncle taking advantage of me'' ''I told my sister a secret now she is using me''